Most Fans in Facebook

Facebook Fans can help uplift marketing status. You can consider them as the element for popularity. In order to have the most fans, you need to know what it takes to raise the statistics.
You may say that celebrities at this moment normally wants to have fans on Facebook, they can do that of course, basing only on the fact that they are celebrities and we see them almost  every day by the power of media.

According to the statistics being released by on a website, Eminem has the most fans in Facebook, he has a huge fan-based group that helped him reached to over 60 million likes on his page, its mind blowing to know also that among all the billion users of Facebook, he could generate a hundred thousand likes in just a few days!

Famous Facebook icons whether local or international ones can be brand as a queen or king in the social media world if they can achieve a great number of fan likes and rise in various fan-based groups.

It can help them increase their projects, which seems to be a beneficial step to them to earn more than what they already have in their pockets.
It would be creative to promote something relevant towards attracting fans; make most of what is interesting and presentable. Most Facebook users nowadays are engaging more of themselves to Facebook activities and events, that’s why it wouldn’t be a problem in emerging Facebook fans.
According to Fox Business, the top five companies right now with the most fans in Facebook are Coca-Cola, Disney, Starbucks, Red Bull and McDonalds. One of the factors that had them on the top 5 ranking was maybe because of its constant product popularity. The continuous updates and creation of brand new features does affect its rate of growing fans.

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