Should There Be An Age Restriction for Facebook Accounts?

With the increased applications of Internets worldwide, it has become a way of life. Children are equally attracted to it mostly for the pleasure of playing online games and watching cartoons or funny videos on net. But with these applications, follow the threat of exploitation through various channels i.e., pornographic pictures or videos, abusive text, sex and sharing personal information online leading to the danger of getting stalked.

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Although, facebook has a policy that does not allow under 13 years old children to have a face book account. We all must have experienced as a kid, the temptation of doing what we are told not to do especially the temptation of having a Facebook account and getting socially involved with our friends, sharing pictures, playing games and sharing funny videos with our school mates. The application of age restriction on internet especially on social networking sites like face book is not useful most of the times as the computer can’t tell what your age really is and kids can easily lie about the age and have a face book account.

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