How to Merging Your Facebook fan Pages

Merging Your Facebook fan Pages

Facebook allows pages to be merged by users.
Once the merge is complete, the old page will be deleted by Facebook from its system. You'll not have the ability to get that page. Due to that, it's vital that you're sure that you would like before you go through the procedure to merge the pages.

You cannot be sure until you understand what data does not merge

You must ensure it is possible to comply with the rules prior to deciding to join your pages.

As an example , if you've got two pages that represent exactly the same auto dealership, it is possible to merge them. On the other hand, if you've got one page that signifies another page that signifies a barbershop and an auto dealership, you can't merge them.

This rule shields companies and Facebook users. You would like to keep people satisfied, so this can be essential.

Second, both pages must have names that are similar. They do have to be similar, although the people do not need to be just the same.

Third, you must be a supervisor-degree admin of the page so that you can merge it. You'll need to get someone who will be to finish the merge, if a manager level admin are not you.

You'll prepare yourself to proceed with the merge, if you're able to comply with the rules. It is a procedure that is very simple.

The best way to merge

If you are prepared to merge your pages, you may have to remember to are using Facebook instead of the page as yourself. If you don't have a Facebook account that is personal, you must create one. Ensure it's linked to your own Facebook page

Once you're logged in and using Facebook visit the page you want to keep.

Afterward, you'll have to click on "Unify Pages." Undergo the procedure that is easy to merge the pages.

The pages don't merge mechanically. You'll need to await Facebook then merge the pages for you and to assess your request. There isn't a certain timeframe this takes. It could occur immediately or it could take a while, with respect to how many requests Facebook's property.

Most people readily merge their pages and will go through these measures. Others will encounter some difficulties. Luckily, users can usually repair those issues readily.

The two pages cannot be united, if the choice does not appear. Generally, this can be due to the fact that both pages don't have names that are similar.

Consider creating a fresh page, if you run into this issue. Now, take your time. Ensure it's quite much like the name you selected for the first page.

Look at the other rules, if this doesn't repair the issue. An easy rule might be breaking.

Some people have said that nothing occurs when they try to merge pages. The people click the page and the button doesn't send any information regarding the merge to Facebook. If this occurs, users can complete a guide merge request at Once filled out, the request will be reviewed by Facebook staff members. Afterward, the procedure will be exactly the same if you filled it out out of your page as it'd have been.

Now let us look at some additional thoughts when merging your pages you should remember.

Additional Thoughts

This is recommended when you create them to merge pages instantly. This way you'll have your fans all on the exact same page. That can help you save a whole lot of time.

Additionally, create a status update in your page that is old before you shut down it. This way, people is not going to be perplexed when your page shows up having a name that is new. Additionally, it will create some delight, since people may wish to be aware of what your new page offers.

Eventually, attempt to produce a page that company or your brand can use eternally. It is possible to lose some trust with your fans, if you're always merging pages. A single merge is not going to damage you, if you understand what you're doing but merging annually will get your fans question.

Keep these details in your mind so your pages can be merged by you with no issues. Once your pages are combined, it's going to be simple that you talk to your fans that are old and your new fans. Due to that, you'll get the chance to take your company to another degree. Which will give your company longevity, which will be something which all businesses crave.

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